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Group Classes:

$15 Casual

$120 Concession Card (10 classes)

$30 Weekly Membership (3 month contract unlimited classes)

Email us for more details and to sign up

1-on-1 Boxing PT sessions:

30min - $45, 45min - $60, 60mins - $80

Small Group - Sports Teams - Corporate Group Training also avaliable.

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Deacon Henry

Deacon Henry

Owner and head trainer at 1MR - Deacon has a load of experience as a Personal Trainer and top amateur, with over 60 fights under his belt. His classes are high energy along side pumping music, he knows how to work the group.

Nort Beauchamp

Nort Beauchamp

Nort "the Assassin from Siam" is a well accomplished boxer with over 40 amateur fights and 2 NZ titles to his record. He delivers a hard workout and always gets the best out his class participants.

Bowyn Morgan

Bowyn Morgan

New to the 1MR crew - Bowyn brings to the team over 80 fights and 4 x NZ amateur titles. He is a hard task master who pushes his clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Josh Hatherley

Josh Hatherley

Josh has over 8 years experience in the fitness industry and boxing ring. He has boxed at both an amateur and professional level, with Three professional fights under the 1MR banner!

"360 degree training is what it's all about for me" - Using the body as a whole. Functional training that assists life on a day to day basis as well as in the ring, and in the gym is an important part of Josh's sessions.

#1MR360Training 30 DAY CHALLENGE IS BACK! - APRIL 1st 2017

30 Days - 30x #1MR360Training Sessions - ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!!??

Train 6 days a week @ 1 More Round by HITTING a timetable class, PLUS a Sunday BONUS challenge at different locations in CHCH and RANDOM Challenges.

Fully immerse yourself in 1MR’s ethos of 360 Training for 1 Month and live as fighters and train every day – you ask a fighter how many days a week do they train and they say EVERYDAY! Even a rest day is a training day!
From Monday to Saturday HIT a scheduled class on the timetable and earn a point.

You can choose whatever class suits you best. Here you can incorporate the #1MR360Training philosophy by choosing a combination of classes that is going to help improve on your Boxing Fundamentals (Strength, Speed, Balance, Flexibility,Power, Endurance, Agility, Recovery, Intensity and Mental Strength)

At the end of Day 30 the person with the TOP points on the leader board is the WINNER!!

Members - $40 (plus your weekly membership fee)
NON-Members - $170

To register your interest and for full details email


021 2 RUMBLE - 021 278 6253


166 Asaph Street

Christchurch CBD, New Zealand